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Review of 'Addressed to Greta' by Fiona Sussman

Addressed to Greta

Greta grew up in the shadow of her distant, distracted mother. Then she fell in love with a man who turned out to be gay, and became her best friend. Now he’s dead and she’s into her twentieth year of working at a spa and pool chemicals shop. She lives in a cottage in Devonport with her chook, Marilyn Monroe.

One day she receives a call from a solicitor asking her to come by. She squeezes in a lunchtime visit and learns that her friend  left something for her in his will. This propels her out of her current existence, forcing her to give up her cottage and her job, to fly off to unknown destinations.

She is scared, awkward and disorientated, but she makes it to the other side of the world, following a trail of directions in letters from her friend.

This is a beautiful story of friendship, and of someone being seen and appreciated for who they really are.

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