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A book review of Dirt Town, by Hayley Scrivenor.

Dirt Town

Someone driving through Durton (or Dirt Town as the kids call it) wouldn’t be that impressed with its single road of basic shops, but this novel is about the real people who live here – with secrets, ambitions and family conflicts.

A girl goes missing, putting a spotlight on the family, friends and other relationships within this community.

Many of the characters in this rural Australian whodunit have inner conflicts which come to light as part of the murder investigation, including the detective’s personal life and the members of the community who may or may not have seen something.

This novel shows what a fine line separates people from being okay and being in trouble – and how events can tip us to the other side of this ledger.

I loved it. And if you do too, check out these other, excellent Australian authors of rural noir: Jane Harper, Chris Hammer and Garry Disher.

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