The Water Race, by D  Bradley

Published 2011

A mysterious water springs - legendary for its healing powers - is causing division in Waka Bay amongst its rival claimants.

Rachel, a power suit wearing Wellington consultant, is hurriedly dispatched to the remote community to facilitate a luxury tourist resort for her wealthy client.

Out of her comfort zone, Rachel is forced to rub shoulders with eccentric campers and new age healers - all the while trying to exploit the marketing potential of the springs and placate local opposition to the proposed spa resort.

She meets resistance in Madeleine - a young, idealistic Maori woman - fledgling activist and self-appointed guardian of the water springs. Her protests cause headaches for Alan, on whose land the healing springs are situated. Alan is a gruff, recently-bereaved elderly farmer - determined to fulfil his wife's dying wish of establishing a vineyard as a family trust for his daughters - and he needs the water from the healing springs to irrigate his vines.

Everyone in the small Waka Bay community becomes embroiled in a tense web of alliances and deceptions over the course of a long summer drought until an unexpected incident forces them to rally together.

The Water Race is a novel about community and self-interest, and the clash of pragmatic and intuitive world views. It explores the complex issue of what constitutes true healing.

"This is such a fine concept and plotline: at once timeless and contemporary, socially relevant and significant, believable and loaded with dramatic conflict." Sue McCauley

This novel can be purchased by contacting Debra Bradley or The Copy Press.

The Driftwood Seekers, by D Bradley

Published 2004

This novel is about the journey of three people around the South Island of New Zealand in 1971. The travelling trio are Simone, a solitary and introverted young German, and Jim and Helen, two Kiwi university students. They meet up at the Fox Glacier Hotel. Simone has a troubled past that is destined to haunt her for years to come, relating to a romanticised vision of her father, who died in tragic circumstances during World War II.

A developing camaraderie sees them continue their journey together, where relationships are variously strengthened by shared experiences and strained by the effects of Simone's increasingly fragile mental state. Her German legacy gradually manifests itself through a convoluted web of secrecy, identity and history. The events of the journey are interspersed with glimpses of future times involving the same three people over the next ten years, with a final conclusion that offers tragedy, but also fulfilment.

This novel can be purchased by contacting Debra Bradley.

Both of these novels were co-authored by Debra and Dean Bradley.