Sunday, 12 February 2017

Summer Constellations - new painting by Dean Bradley

Here's Dean's first painting of the year.
Summer Constellations, by Dean Bradley
Each of the outer segments has a different feel, which can be interpreted in a similar way to star signs. They express the different emotions and attitudes we experience at different times.

As shown in more detail in the image below, the one at '3 o'clock' looks to me like someone coming out ready to box and to take on challenges.

In contrast, the one directly beneath (at '4 o'clock') gives me more of a sense of passive acceptance of whatever is happening - letting things take their course.

The segment at '2 o'clock' has an bow and arrow-like shape, like the figure is aiming for a very specific goal.
Summer Constellations - detail 1

Summer Constellations - detail 2

Summer Constellations - detail 3