Monday, 28 March 2016

The Signature of All Things, by Elizabeth Gilbert

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I've gobbled up this book over Easter. At 580 pages, it was a multi-day read, but well worth it.

I was hooked by the first page. The irreverant, jaunty style of Elizabeth Gilbert's writing makes this book a joy to read. I usually avoid historical fiction, but I had no trouble joining Alma Whittaker in 1800.

Elizabeth Gilbert is best known for her memoir writing, including Eat, Pray, Love, but she's also a fabulous fiction writer.

King Rich, by Joe Bennett

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Joe Bennett's first novel is awesome. If you like New Zealand fiction, you'll love this book.

Even though it is set after the Christchurch earthquakes and could have been a depressing read, it is instead an uplifting, interesting story about a man and a dog living in an abandoned hotel.

The main character has had a hard life, there's no doubt about that. But this book heaves with humanity as well as sentences that sparkle.