Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Estuary Illumination - new painting by Dean Bradley

Estuary Illumination, by Dean Bradley
This painting has distant sunlit islands at the top, a golden mangrove-pod motif in the centre, and the bottom section of the painting has bullrush reeds and tidal ripples in indigo blue.
Estuary Illumination - Detail 1

Metallic enamel in centre, tidal flowing arcs in the indigo band, and an abstract frieze of marine life in the ivory and beige toward to the top.

Estuary Illumination - Detail 2

The indigo rushes and mudflat ripples are created with a patchwork of differing fabrics, and sand and grains.

Estuary Illumination - Detail 3

Close up of one of the mangrove-pod spirals, the golden heart of the painting.

Sunday, 8 November 2015

Blue Tahuna - new painting by Dean Bradley

Blue Tahuna

Blue Tahuna - detail 1

Blue Tahuna - detail 2

Blue Tahuna - detail 3