Sunday, 30 August 2015

Understand where you fit on the freedom and security scale

A number of friends have recently announced they're chucking in their work to travel, or to write a novel. I stand on the sidelines applauding their bravery and their upcoming adventures - but I'm not the one who will be wondering how this is all going to work, financially.

Understanding where we fit on a scale where security is at one end, and freedom at the other, is valuable when making life decisions. I think I'm slap dab in the middle, in terms of trade offs I will make for security and for freedom. I love having some confirmed income for the week, but will trade off the remaining hours for headroom for learning, writing and time to just be, at this time in my life.

Once you're clear about where you currently fit on that security-freedom scale, it's easier to have conversations about other people's priorities without wondering if you should be living more like they are.

Thursday, 13 August 2015

Self-employment: how to keep calm and carry on when work slows down

One of the biggest challenges of self-employment is not to freak out when there's a lull in the flow of work.

Part way into my second year in self-employment, I've had a number of these lulls ... and wasted a lot of this precious time feeling pretty anxious about it. One of the most powerful things I've learnt to do is to notice the fearful messages I'm telling myself, and turn them around into something more positive.

My true life examples are:
1. "Is this the end of the golden run?"
I changed this around to "the golden run has just begun" ... and weirdly, but wonderfully, new work came along soon afterwards.

2. "I might lose a big chunk of work."
I changed this around to "I wonder what I'm being freed up to do?" This change led to blue sky thinking about what new types of work I would really like to do, and committing to develop new skills in this area. As soon as I did that, a number of people asked me to do that kind of work for them.

It may sound strange, but it's well worth trying if you find yourself worrying about where your next work is coming from.

My big goal is to be extremely calm during the ups and downs in work flow by my third year in self employment!